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the Power of
Private Equity
what we do
Union Private Equity partners enjoy the benefits that our legal expertise and expansive network bring to our investments both in the U.S. and abroad.
Every investment is personal to us because we actively invest with our partners. Our legal and operations proficiency combined with our investment partners’ expertise ensures a symbiotic system for success.
Our key investments in biotechnology and medical imaging provide us with the opportunity to enjoy relationships with large universities, law firms, and other contacts to ensure consistent deal flow. Our premier partnership with Brigham Young University includes a sponsored research agreement and access to cutting-edge IP for future commercialization.
current investments
Thriving Ventures: Our Current
Investment Portfolio Revealed
Genetic Diagnostics
Renew Diagnostics develops patent protected diagnostics and health solutions for neurodegenerative diseases, among many other things. Renew is actively involved with Brigham Young University in the development and commercialization of new technologies in this space.
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Certified Clinic Lab Services
Wasatch BioLabs is a certified clinical lab based 
in the Heber Valley. We focus on providing results 
for epigenetic biomarkers and provide lab services 
for both private companies, university research, 
and medical providers.
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Premier Medical Imaging
Elevated Imaging is southern California’s premier medical imaging provider, offering a spa-like experience to its patients. Our team of seasoned professionals offers unwavering attention to detail by providing precise diagnoses, tailored care, and meticulous interpretation of advanced imaging techniques.
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Software Technology
Our proprietary software, SEEK, is a unique tool for finding real estate assets by combing bankruptcy filings in the United States. Its applicability extends beyond real estate, allowing us to discover businesses and technologies that fit our investment criteria. By purchasing these investments well below market price, we are able to create significant value for us and our partners.
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