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Bold Moves,
Bright Futures.

Bold Moves,Bright Futures.

Bold Moves,
Bright Futures

Diversification and Growth
Hedge funds are a crucial component of any robust portfolio. They offer diversification, reduce volatility, and provide potential for higher returns through innovative strategies.
Our Focus
Equities Markets
We specialize in investments within a broad range of equities markets (both domestic and abroad), leveraging our deep market insights and advanced quantitative methods to capitalize on opportunities and drive growth.
Risk Management
Quantitative Excellence
At Union Hedge Funds, we are a quant fund leveraging the power of AI and machine learning to stay ahead of the market and maximize returns for our investors.
Two Decades of Expertise
With 20 years of combined experience, our team has navigated the complexities of the market, delivering consistent results.
Risk Management
By utilizing sophisticated techniques, hedge funds can manage risk effectively, safeguarding investments against market fluctuations.
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Recent Performance
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our providers
Empowering Excellence: Our Network of Trusted Providers.
Maples Group
Our offshore fund management and compliance partner is the Maples Group which is located on the Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands. The Maples Group has a long history of successful fund services to some of the most profitable and successful funds in the world. We are proud to be partners with the Maples Group.
Clifton Larson Allen
Clifton Larson Allen is the eighth largest accounting firm in the U.S. and provides Union Capital with accounting and tax services necessary for the management and financial accounting of Union’s family of hedge funds.
Discover the Union Hedge Funds Difference
Join us in redefining financial futures with innovative strategies and unparalleled expertise. Click on “invest now” to see if you qualify to participate for this type of investment.
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